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Automatic Stretch Film Machine With On-Line Printing To Saudi Arabia
Published in :2019-10-31 Browse : 4761

This week,we will send a stretch film machine with on-line printing to Saudi Arabia,together this machine is plastic recycler machine and PET film coating machine.

Thanks all client for the trust and affirmation to our fact,we had saled Many high quality machine to different countries such as follow:

Three layers stretch film machine with automatic thickness gauge system,width 1800mm to Aazerbaijian.

PE foam machine,model170,150,120,90,75 to Russian,Indian,Indonesia and Ukraine.the max width is 3000mm.


Three layers co-extrusion CPP casting film machine with thickness gauge system to Turky.


Three layers co-extrusion upper traction rotary blowing film machine .width 2600mm.and width 1600mm POF film blowing machine to Vietnam.

We will continuously increase our machine quality and service,giving all our client high quality products.